Is this online program as good as offsite training?

  • Yes, instead of a few immersive days in person, our program allows users to experience in depth lectures with 3D virtual models that have been custom made for Orbital Blocks as many times as they need to fully grasp the different blocks and how to perform them. 
  • Orbital Blocks allows practitioners to fill an immediate need such as learning an orbital block or handling their own billing for their practice.
  • Online continuing education also mitigates unnecessary travel expense and the need to take time off of work. You can login and start learning right now!

Who is the author?

  • Randy Harvey is the Chief of Anesthesia and Department Manager at the Florida Eye Clinic Ambulatory Surgery Center Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mr. Harvey has performed well over 50,000 ophthalmic blocks in his career. He utilizes his more than 30 years of experience to educate subscribers in the latest trends in ophthalmic anesthesia with a virtual hands on experience. 
  • In 1991 he created the Ophthalmic Block Workshop workshop in conjunction with NWAS. He also developed an orbital eye-model simulator, which allows a hands-on experience for the participants. This program has run continuously for more than 25 years and has educated hundreds of anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and ophthalmologists in the art and science of ophthalmic anesthesia. He has taken this in person training seminar to the web in the form of www.orbitalblocks.com 
  • He has lectured extensively on ophthalmic anesthesia in seminars, including presentations to state and national anesthesia organizations. He has also presented training programs to private practice anesthesiology groups in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. 
  • Mr. Harvey was the recipient of the 31st Annual Alice Magaw Outstanding Clinical Anesthesia Practitioner Award by AANA. Mr. Harvey is a founding Member of the Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society (OAS) and served the OAS as a Scientific Board Member, Secretary and Co-Chair of the 2014 Annual OAS Meeting. Mr. Harvey authored a chapter on Ophthalmic Eye Block Techniques in the textbook, Nurse Anesthesia (WB Saunders/Elsevier).

Is Orbital Blocks (Orbital Compliance Group, LLC) accredited?

  • Yes. Orbital Blocks meets both the AANA accreditation for Class A CE credits for CRNAs. 
  • Accreditation EXPIRES OCTOBER 1, 2023

How many continuing education credits can I earn?

  • If you complete all 2 Programs you will earn a total of 11 credits. 
    • Orbital Anatomy, Orbital Blocks, and Pharmacology is 6 hours and provides 6 credits with 1 Pharmacology credit. 
    • Block Complications, Managing the Awake Patient and Risk Management 5 hours and provides 5 credits.

What are the testing requirements?

  • In compliance with AANA, Orbital Blocks provides 5 questions per hour of teaching and allows one attempt to pass at 80% for CRNAs. If you do not pass, you will be redirected to take the course again. Physicians must pass with an 80%, but are allowed unlimited attempts to do so. 

How will I get my continuing education certificate?

  • CRNAs: You will need to click on the evaluation link provided at the end of each course and fill out the form. You may request a copy of your answers to be emailed directly to you. Once you have submitted the form for all 3 courses in each Program, you will receive your certificate via email within 24 to 72 business hours. 
  • Please maintain a copy of your certificate for your records. 

How up to date is the information provided?

  • Orbital Blocks will provide updated information as it becomes available to us in the relevant modules.

Education ONLY access:

  • We have an SRNA Ophthalmic Anesthesia Program available. If you are a resident or a teacher at a university, please contact us directly at randolfharvey@gmail.com for further information, including ways to tailor our program to your exact needs.

How do I access my purchased course?

  • Upon purchasing a course you will receive immediate email confirmation of your purchase with specific instructions on how to access your course. If you do not receive a confirmation please check your spam/junk folder.

May I watch each course more than once?

  • Yes, you may watch the courses as many times as you need. However, you must watch and complete the quiz and evaluation completely the first time before you are able to go back and watch only certain parts. 

I am having issues logging on/program will not load.

  • Please first try and refresh your web browser and check to see if you are having any internet issues. Each program will work best with optimal internet speeds. 
  • We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser, as it is the most effective browser with our learning management system Bridge. 
  • Additionally, check out the document included in each course and part of your learning program labeled Computer and Web Browser Specifications to quickly troubleshoot any issues. If that still does not work, please email us at info@orbitalblocks.com with the subject “Technical Issues” or call us and leave a message at 774-666-1460 and we will get back to you within 48 business hours not including holidays.