Confidence in Care

An interactive training and continuing medical education experience in ophthalmic blocks.

About Orbital Blocks

Randolf Harvey has been educating opthamologists, anesthesiologists, and CRNAs in the art and science of ophthalmic anesthesia for over 25 years through his in person workshops. He has developed this into the online program, Orbital Blocks.

Orbital Blocks provides an interactive online continuing medical education experience, allowing practitioners and educators the opportunity to improve the quality and safety of their care, and reduce risks in individual and group practices without having to leave the comfort of their homes or office.

Orbital Blocks commissioned BioDigital to create a customized anatomically correct orbital eye model for the purposes of learning ophthalmic blocks.

3D Orbital Anatomy

We have collaborated with BioDigital to create a custom 3D Eye Model for the purpose of teaching ophthalmic blocks.

Continuing Medical Education Courses

Let’s all start using the same language, safest techniques, and the best preventative care today. Check out our courses below!
Orbital Epidural Anatomy

Provides a deep dive into orbital anatomy and how it relates to ophthalmic blocks

Pharmacology for Ophthalmic Anesthesia

Explore the selection, dosing, and orbital distribution of local anesthetics

Orbital Epidural Blocks

Learn ophthalmic block techniques that can improve the quality and safety of your orbital blocks by an interactive demonstration and lecture

Complications & Sequelae in Ophthalmic Anesthesia

Review adverse events of ophthalmic blocks and learn techniques, including the geometrical approach, to minimize complications

Managing the Awake Patient

Learn how to help manage the stress, anxiety, and physiological care of the patient during the perioperative procedure with practical problem solving tips for issues that arise in real-time

Risk Management and Quality Assurance

Review the overall risks in providing anesthesia services in an ophthalmic surgery center and demonstrate how clinical data can used to evaluate the quality of patient care

Program Benefits

  • Improved Care

    We provide practitioners with the online opportunity to improve the quality and safety of their care through our detailed courses.

  • Reduced Risk

    By increasing the knowledge and confidence of practitioners, we can find ways to reduce the risks of practice. 

  • Online Learning

    We provide flexibility with easy online access. Choose a single course or the entire program from the comfort of your own home saving you time and money.

  • 3-D Anatomy

    Our 3-D interactive orbital eye model will provide the Physician, CRNA, SRNA, and students with a clearer understanding of the complex orbital anatomy.

Ophthalmic Block Demonstrations

Peri Retrobulbar Block

A safe and effective Peri Retrobulbar Block Technique